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Wednesday, October 5, 2011



Deposit cheque with your offer to purchase, which becomes part of the down payment (if applicable).

Notaries’ fees of approximately $950 plus summary costs plus all applicable taxes; GST & PST.

Adjustment of school taxes (July to June).

Adjustment of municipal taxes (January to December).

Oil costs if applicable (One full tank approx. 909 liters at current rates).

Transfer tax: 0.5% on first $50,000, 1% on the difference from $50,000 to $250,000 and 1.5% on the difference over $250,000. Tax is based on the sale price or evaluation and is payable six weeks after signing.

Appraisal and Application fee for mortgage, which normally does not exceed $250 plus all applicable taxes, GST & QST. Banks usually waive this fee.

Building Inspection, if requested, which normally does not exceed $450, plus all applicable taxes, GST & QST, for written report.

C.M.H.C. premium for high ratio mortgage .5% to 4.25% of face value plus 9% tax on the premium. C.M.H.C. charge for opening of a file is approx. $235.

Property insurance is mandatory and proof will be required before the signing.

If the purchased property is a condominium, the purchaser will have monthly condo fees to pay and might have an adjustment for reserved fund at closing.

Paul and Diane's Top Ten Reasons For Using An Agent

Paul & Diane’s Top Ten reasons for using an agent

1. Your agent knows neighbourhood real estate values.
2. Your agent will establish an effective marketing strategy.
3. Your agent will take care of the many tasks involved in selling a house.
4. Your agent is an expert in the home selling process.
5. Your agent is an experienced negotiator.
6. Your agent has access to all of the latest marketing tools.
7. Your agent can make important recommendations.
8. Your agent understands that your home is potentially your largest asset.
9. Your agent will steer you clear of the many potential pitfalls & problems.
10. Your Royal LePage agent has the support of a national firm and a network of contacts and expertise.