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Friday, September 28, 2012

Check out

Check out this website. 
This website on home design, decorating and renovating has it all. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Royal LePage, Genworth Canada announce strategic relationship

Royal LePage, Genworth Canada announce strategic relationship
Royal LePage has a new strategic relationship with mortgage insurer Genworth Canada.  The idea is to better equip agents for conversations around how much their clients can afford and what options are available to them.
The relationship makes educational resources available to the Royal LePage network on mortgage insurance, energy-efficient refunds, homeowner assistance programs and discounts at select retailers across Canada.  It also covers details on government incentive programs, which run the gamut from saving for a home to tax credits and rebate programs. These resources, combined with the advice and guidance of lenders and mortgage professionals, help further enable responsible homeownership, the companies say.
 “We are a full service real estate company and Genworth is a premium brand, so this strategic relationship is a great marriage,” says Phil Soper, president and CEO of Royal LePage Canada.  “The sharing of insights between Genworth Canada and Royal LePage will serve to better equip our agents to present options to their clients around affordability.”
Changes to the amortization rules around high-ratio mortgages implemented in July might lead some first-time buyers to think they can’t afford a home yet. However, the relationship provides resources and information to help agents educate homebuyers, adding to the value they bring as a full service Royal LePage Realtor, the company says.
“First-time buyers are looking for more from their Realtor than help finding a new home,” says Debbie McPherson, senior vice-president, sales and marketing at Genworth Canada. “Helping Royal LePage keep their clients well-informed on the options around responsible homeownership will, in turn, help them to better service their clients.”

Friday, September 21, 2012

Census: Montreal has an abundance of people living alone

Census: Montreal has an abundance of people living alone


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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A new perspective on closing the cottage.

Cottage Closure Got You Down? 

A New Perspective on Closing the Cottage 
As fall approaches and the cool weather and shorter days arrive, cottage owners will sadly anticipate the end of cottage season. For many, shutting down their summer sanctuary is a double dose of bad news - not only do lazy days on the dock disappear but they are quickly replaced with the labour required to close the cottage properly.
Fortunately, many cottage owners are beating the blues by celebrating the end of cottage season with a "let's make a good situation out of a bad one" attitude - a sentiment that has become as common in cottage country as Muskoka chairs and mosquito repellent. Many cottagers are inviting guests to celebrate in a "less is more" type of atmosphere during their last days of rural rest. Visitors are sitting on moving boxes and using candles for electricity as they congregate and reminisce about the "unusual amount of mosquitoes" and "Johnny's first swim". For many, this last gathering makes the impending move back to the city a little more bearable.
It's also the perfect opportunity to swindle that neighbour into helping you budge the boat into the garage and the barbeque into the SUV - just two of many essential and equally annoying tasks to complete each autumn. Some imperative and tedious chores that can be completed without your neighbour's help include the draining of plumbing systems and shutting down the electricity. Ensuring that pipes are properly drained will avoid water freezing over, which can lead to flooding in the cottage. To properly drain the system, empty and clean all pipes, valves, tanks and pumps. When shutting off electricity, be sure to first turn off all major appliances as well as the water heater and electrical room heaters. When the time comes to re-open your cottage again, the start-up will be much smoother and safer.
If you're a long-time cottage owner, you know that vermin will do as much as your in-laws to get an invitation to your cottage. For this reason, go beyond hiding food and blocking entrances. Try leaving mothballs or whole cloves as both can discourage unwelcome rodents.
Rodents of another type that need to be discouraged from entering cottages in the off-season are thieves. The ideal tools to combat these seasonal stealers are alarm systems, which have become increasingly common in cottages. A more cost effective approach to security is keeping valuables, such as TV's, out of sight. There are also many companies that specialize in cottage protection that will send employees to your property weekly to ensure its safety. And while these chores may be monotonous - remember next summer is just around the corner!

Luxury for less

Home is where your heart is......

Luxury for Less
Just because you are on a budget, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style in your home.  If it’s time to refresh your décor but you don’t think you have the necessary funds, think again.  Here are a few ways you can add a touch of luxury to any room of your home without breaking the bank:
Start with the walls
No room of your home can ever feel luxurious if the paintwork is shabby or wallpaper looks dull or weathered.  A new coat of paint or wallpaper is the fastest, and easiest way to a fresh new look.  If painting, consider a suede, satin or cashmere finish in a neutral colour for a look of elegance.  If wallpapering, consider rich colours, textures or traditional patterns. Use good quality products for best results. 
Liven up the living room  
Add an instant touch of lavishness with one or two large cushions in rich embroidered fabric, velvet or faux fur.  Add warmth to your wood floors with a shag rug for modern décor, Turkish or Oriental style for more traditional tastes.  No need to splurge on new lamps, simply update the shades with linen or silk-like material.  Give a favourite piece of furniture a makeover with updated sleek metal hardware or repaint with an attractive gloss paint.
Beautify bedrooms & bathrooms 
Buy beautiful bed linen when it is on sale.  Billowy comforters or duvets with plenty of plump pillows make the whole room look luxurious and inviting.  A plush rug for stepping in and out of bed gives a sumptuous start and end to your day.  Add plenty of thick fresh towels and large pillar candles in the bathroom to set a pampered scene. Invest in light switch dimmers to create the ambiance you desire.
Get chic in the kitchen
Freshen up cabinetry with new paint or modern hardware and update lighting fixtures.  Buy a beautiful tablecloth or table runner and top it off with a potted orchid in an attractive pot.  Rather than using every day chipped or stained mugs, treat yourself to a couple of fine china tea cups from a thrift store or good quality coffee mugs for your favourite brew.  Then sit back, enjoy tea for two with a friend, and truly savour the moment.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Your Local Journal - pages 15 & 17

Check out this week's Your Local Journal, page 15 & 17.