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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year! Bonne Année!

May 2014 bring you good health, happiness and as much laughter as you can handle!
Happy New Year!
Bonne Année!

Diane and Paul Laflamme
Royal LePage Village


Friday, December 20, 2013

Happy Holidays!

With the holidays upon us and the New Year knocking at our door, I wanted to take a few moments to offer up my wishes for 2014. For those who are happy and content, may you continue to experience such fortune. For those who have experienced pain and loss over the course of the year, may you always be surrounded by friends and family to comfort you during your trying times. And for those who have lost their way and are at a crossroads in their life, may you have the courage to keep moving forward and learn to recognize all the blessings you most certainly have but don't realize. If you are on my friends list it is because I truly do value and appreciate you, whether it be a childhood friend I haven't seen in years, a coworker, family or friends who live all over this wonderful globe of ours! May 2014 bring a year of self discovery, renewal, health and healing, happiness and as much laughter as we can handle!

Avec l'arrivée des Fêtes et le Nouvel An qui frappe à notre porte, je voulais prendre quelques instants pour vous offrir mes voeux pour 2014. Pour ceux qui sont heureux et contents, puissiez-vous continuer à vivre pareille fortune. Pour ceux qui ont connu la douleur et la perte au cours de l'année, puissiez-vous toujours être entourés par des amis et la famille pour vous réconforter pendant vos moments difficiles. Et pour ceux qui ont perdu leur chemin et sont à un carrefour de leur vie, puissiez-vous avoir le courage de continuer à avancer et apprendre à reconnaître tous les bienfaits que vous avez très certainement mais ne vous rendez pas compte. Si vous êtes sur ma liste d'amis c'est parce que je reconnais votre valeur et vous apprécie, que ce soit un ami d'enfance que je n'ai pas vu depuis des années, un collègue, famille, amis ou clients qui vivent partout au travers de ce merveilleux globe à nous! Que 2014 apporte une année de la découverte de soi, de renouvellement, de santé et guérison, de bonheur et autant d'éclats de rire que nous pouvons supporter!


 Diane et Paul Laflamme
Royal LePage Village

Friday, December 13, 2013


1378 Greenwood, Saint-Lazare
Sold in 77 days!
Listed at $386,500

3191 Pine Tree, Saint-Lazare
Sold in 135 days!
Listed at $249,000

2494 Deer Run, Saint-Lazare
Sold in 46 days!
Listed at $439,000

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Are we ready for the boomer tsunami?

Original source article: Are we ready for the boomer tsunami?
John and Bernice Klassen are stumped when asked what they miss about suburban Ottawa.
Six years ago, they sold their four-bedroom house in Nepean and moved to a low-rise condo building not far from Elgin Street. They were like a lot of baby boomers: fed up with maintaining a house that was too big for their needs.
"It was also a question of lifestyle," says John, 63, and now retired from Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada. "There, you had to get in the car just to buy a litre of milk. Here, everything's within walking distance: the National Arts Centre, the ByWard Market."
"The transition was so easy, we've never looked back," says Bernice, also 63, and a retired college teacher. "We both wanted to move downtown and we said: 'It's either now or we won't be able to afford it.' "
The Klassens, after a lifetime of working hard, likely needn't worry about housing. They have pensions, savings and a comfortable home. Down the road, they can sell the condo and transition into even smaller digs where, if they choose, they can pay for meals and other aging-at-home support services.
But there are many who should worry, warns John Herbert, executive director of the Greater Ottawa Home Builders' Association. "I think we're heading for a huge (housing) crisis 10 to 15 years down the road."
The reasons: Everything from the high cost of renovating existing housing stock to make it suitable for aging to the insufficient supply and high price of new accommodation for seniors.
"Builders won't build unless they can sell and make a profit," says Herbert. "They're like bankers - they don't take risks and they're not interested in experimenting with new housing forms." Government won't assist builders to start thinking outside the box, he adds, referring to the piecemeal approach to housing policy in Canada.
"It's a smouldering thing right now because (boomers) are still working, but the aging population is going to be falling through the cracks."
He may be right.
Baby boomers, the huge cohort born between 1946 and 1964, have influenced everything from the entertainment industry to the pace of house construction as they have moved through their adult years.
Now, the boomers are becoming seniors, swelling the country's grey-haired population to new heights. In 2011, 14.8 per cent of Canadians were 65 or older, according to the latest census figures released by Statistics Canada last week. That's almost double the eight per cent in 1971 who were 65 or older. Within two decades, they'll be pushing 23 per cent.
It's not surprising that a study last year by the Conference Board of Canada predicted that by 2030 about 80 per cent of the demand for new housing will come from seniors. And most won't be looking for a sprawling, two-storey suburban home with little access to shopping, medical care or social activities.
In fact, many of our current homes - with stairs that challenge arthritic knees, doorways too narrow for wheelchairs and heating, tax and maintenance bills that strain fixed incomes - will prove impractical.
Worse, many suburbs are not amenable to the needs of older people, notes Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. in its 2008 study Impacts of the Aging of the Canadian Population on Housing and Communities. Although cities such as Ottawa are forcing increased density, in part by including multi-family dwellings in subdivisions, the 'burbs are still low-density places built for cars and lack the easily accessible social and other services seniors need.
CMHC notes that older suburbs, like Lincoln Heights, built close to city centres and emerging areas of commercial and other activity, may offer the services that newer developments lack. However, while most Ottawa seniors currently live in older areas such as Bay and College wards, those in their 40s and 50s - the huge middle and tail end of boomerdom - live in less age-friendly spots such as Orléans and Rideau-Goulbourn. That's according to A Portrait of Ottawa Older Adults: Demo-graphic and Socio-Economic Characteristics, a report released in 2011 as part of the City of Ottawa's Older Adult Plan project.
Boomers could end up moving into the older suburbs as their aging occupants leave for other quarters. That, in turn, points out CMHC, could help revitalize older neighbourhoods. But for boomers, that would likely mean taking on homes needing expensive upgrades, not an appealing prospect for most.
Besides, the older we get, the less transient we become, say the experts.
Some builders are responding with specialized communities. The Legends at eQuinelle in Kemptville, for example, is a neighbourhood of adult-lifestyle bungalows and low-rise condos in a golf-course setting. Built by eQ Homes, it offers open-concept bungalows - better than older homes for walkers and wheelchairs - that come with a maintenance package of grass cut-ting, snow removal and twice-yearly window washing.
But a home in an outlying area isn't for every boomer.
Carl and Lorna Raskin, both in their mid-60s and still in a two-storey single in Barrhaven with a basement laundry room and other increasingly bothersome features, have been testing the housing market. They don't plan to move for five years, but are already anxious about the limited options.
"We're caught between a rock and a hard place," says Carl, a retired civil servant. "We're middleclass people and the price of bungalows is out of sight." In Ottawa, new bungalows average $480,000, according to PMA Brethour Realty Group. During the first five months of 2012, resale bungalows averaged $350,374, according to the Ottawa Real Estate Board.
The couple has looked at condos, but the ones that meet their requirements would cost $12,000 a year or more in condo fees and taxes alone. Their current home is 41 years old and, they fear, wouldn't fetch enough to let them make an even trade, let alone do the travelling they feel is among the privileges of retirement.
They could get something less expensive out of town, but with their family and friends in Ottawa, driving is a deterrent. Like most Canadians, they want to age in-side their own community.
"We'll probably end up renting," says Lorna resignedly.
The situation is already much more threatening for those without good pensions or other financial resources.
CARP (originally the Canadian Association of Retired Persons; now billed as A New Vision of Aging for Canada) makes that clear in its recent report, A New Vision for Aging at Home. It references CMHC figures showing the cost of seniors' housing in Canada is $1,909 a month for an average, market-priced bachelor suite or room that includes light care such as at least one meal a day.
The median annual income of a single Canadian senior, CARP reports, is $20,800. That's a shortfall of $3,000 a year on rent and light care alone.
The average annual cost in a private facility providing heavier care is $42,360.
In Ottawa, according to A Portrait of Ottawa Older Adults, 6.8 per cent of seniors were considered low income in 2006. Low income is defined as an after-tax in-come of $21,384 for a family of two and $17,570 for someone on their own. In Canada, seven per cent of seniors are in the low-income bracket. However, in Ottawa, the proportion of low-income seniors jumps to more than 18 per cent for singles. That's because it's not that much more ex-pensive for two people to live than one.
Although men are catching up, women still outlive them. That can leave elderly women in a vulnerable position when it comes to housing.
Ottawa Community Housing does offer subsidized housing to about 95 per cent of the 3,400 households in its 21 seniors-only buildings. About two-thirds of those households are headed by women. There are another 1,600 units headed by seniors in mixed-demographic buildings. OCH de-fines "senior" as being 60 and older and says the wait period for the seniors-only buildings is two to five years; the waiting period is longer for the non-restricted buildings.
"Seniors run into financial problems be-cause they didn't plan to live to be 90 or 100," says Christina O'Neil, executive director of Unitarian House, a not-for-profit residence for independent seniors off Richmond Road. "My message to politicians is: 'Recognize that affordability is an issue for seniors and in the future, it's going to be bigger.' "
Interwoven with all this is a clogged public health system that's traditionally been poorly integrated with home support services for the elderly. That integration is slowly taking place and should lead to seniors remaining independent and healthy longer, easing the burden on health and other tax dollars.
"There's a lack of one-stop agencies for all services and you won't find an agency that provides all the services free of charge," says Margaret Dunn, chair of the City of Ottawa Seniors Advisory Committee, which assists the municipality and community in identifying and meeting the needs of seniors.
In fact, CMHC's annual national housing report released last December says the number of all seniors living in institutions will grow to almost 2.5 times the current level. That's a lot of new buildings.
Yet for most boomers, housing worries are over the horizon.
Heather Jamieson and her husband, Jean Haché, have been in their 2,100-square-foot Orléans single since 1990.
At 72, Haché is not a boomer, but 59-year-old Jamieson is.
"As long as we can continue looking after things here, we wouldn't even consider moving," says Haché, who, like his wife, is retired.
"Our friends who are the same age as us have only moved if there was a death or a divorce," says Jamieson.
While they are well-organized and for-ward-thinking in most other respects, they have not looked into alternative housing should one of them abruptly begin to de-cline or researched what they can do - adding grab bars in the bathroom, looking at other kitchen configurations - to make their home more suitable for aging at home.
"Life can change in a heartbeat, but I don't think you have to always have a Plan B. You handle what comes along," says Jamieson.
They're hardly alone in not being prepped for inevitable aging. A nation-al survey commissioned by the Association for Canadian Studies and recently re-ported in the Citizen found that only 38 per cent of those aged 65 and over were "worried" or "somewhat worried" about growing older. That compared to 56 per cent in the 18 to 24 age group.
Having come of age in relatively prosperous and secure times, maybe boomers are just indelibly optimistic.
However, cautions Dunn of the Seniors' Advisory Committee: "What I hear from seniors is that when a crisis hits, things fall apart because the anticipation hasn't happened and the knowledge (of where to seek help) isn't there."
If there's no family nearby - an increasingly common occurrence in a transient society where seniors are less likely to live with their adult children than in earlier generations - "people get into a challenge."
Haché and Jamieson say that with condos springing up in Orléans, they could perhaps downsize with-out leaving their community. That would keep them in touch with their network, considered a key factor in maintaining health and happiness as we age.
Maybe there's not that much to agonize over anyway.
"For 20 years, we've been hearing about this crisis of boomers and housing, but aging happens at a glacial pace," says Ryan Berlin, a demographer with Urban Futures, a Vancouver-based research and consulting group that helps cities, provinces and developers plan for growth. "I always think the market will adjust to the demand. Developers will see it coming and there's lots of money to be made there. If we need apartments, we'll build apartments.
"The leading edge of the baby boomers is just now turning 66 and they're still very active. The typical baby boomer is still 45 or 50 and their housing needs won't change for an-other 15, 20 years."
There are signs some developers are responding to market forces.
Westhills, a 209-hectare development of condos, townhomes and single-family homes in Langford, B.C., includes secondary suites - independent, fully equipped units for elderly parents or other tenants - in most of its single-family homes.
In Ottawa, meanwhile, Courtyard Developments is building Hyde Park in Richmond, a mix of bungalows, suites and apartments for those aged 55 and above where residents will be able to access meal plans and even on-site medical care. The idea is that not only can you remain in your community as you age, you can stay in your unit.
While such developments are still rare and often too expensive for those of limited means, they are a step toward meeting the need for a range of seniors' housing options.
Active adult-lifestyle community: A seniors' community where residents live independently, usually with access to golf, hiking and the like.
Aging in place (or aging at home): Growing old in one's own home or community as opposed to moving to a nursing home or other facility.
Assisted living: For people who require regular meal preparation, transportation and other services, but not the full-time care of a nursing home.
Continuum of care: Care provided in a community where services/housing range from independent and assisted living to total nursing care.
Independent living: Residents, whether in their own home or a facility, can take care of themselves. They may take advantage of meal or other services but aren't dependent on them.
Nursing home: A facility for people, especially older people, with a chronic illness or disability; also called a long-term care facility. Services can include assistance with personal hygiene and other daily activities.
Retirement community: A community where older residents live independently in single homes or other units, but are not responsible for exterior maintenance like lawn cutting.
Retirement home: A facility consisting of individual rooms or suites, but where meals and other activities are in common.

Original source article: Are we ready for the boomer tsunami?

Saturday, October 5, 2013

110 Melrose, Hudson = Sold/Vendu!

110 Melrose, Hudson est Vendu!
Diane & Paul Laflamme
Royal LePage Village

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Check out page 17 in Your Local Journal.....

Check out page 17 in Your Local Journal.

Diane and Paul Laflamme
Royal LePage Village

Thursday, August 29, 2013

358 Aumais, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue - Vendu!

358 Aumais, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue

Diane & Paul Laflamme
Royal LePage Village

2140 Forest Hill, Saint-Lazare - Vendu!

2140 Forest Hill, Saint-Lazare

This shining and spotless home is situated in a family area of Saint-Lazare close to all services. It has tons of curb appeal and the backyard is extremely private.  The kitchen and dining area are filled with sunshine.   Features: 3 +1 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, family room in basement and spacious backyard deck for entertaining. 

Call Diane & Paul Laflamme
Royal LePage Village

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

191 Cameron, Hudson: Sold/Vendu!

191 Cameron, Hudson

Listed & sold by Diane and Paul Laflamme

Vendu! 2351 Rue Paddock, Saint-Lazare

2351 Rue Paddock, Saint-Lazare

Nestled on a large country lot in beautiful Saddlebrook, this comfortable home  is in a setting of tranquil charm. This quality built home has been meticulously maintained.  It offers a main floor family room, large country kitchen, dining room and living room.  The backyard is as pretty as a private park. Spring, summer and fall, flowers abound in profusion. The backyard has quality rod iron fencing and there is an inground pool. If you like to entertain, this is the home for you. This classic beauty is a pleasure to show.  

Diane & Paul Laflamme
Royal LePage Village

Thursday, August 8, 2013

2699 Bourgogne, Saint-Lazare - Vendu!!

2699 Bourgogne, Saint-Lazare - Vendu!

2699 Bourgogne, Saint-Lazare
Sold in 44 days for 97% of asking price! 

2699 Bourgogne, Saint-Lazare - Vendu!

2699 Bourgogne, Saint-Lazare
Sold in 44 days for 97% of asking price!


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

110 Melrose, Hudson - Vendu!

110 Melrose, Hudson

This Victorian style home is located on a picturesque lot in the heart of Hudson.  This charming home has 3 finished levels and is in move in condition.  Features: spacious front hall with cathedral ceiling, living room, dining room, kitchen, powder room, main floor office, 3 bedrooms and walk out basement. The main floor has 9 ft ceilings. The grounds are beautifully landscaped with luscious gardens. This classic beauty is a pleasure to show. Built in 1992. Turn key!

Cette maison de style victorien est située sur un terrain pittoresque au cœur de Hudson. Cette charmante maison dispose de 3 niveaux finis et est en condition telle que vous n’avez qu’à emménager. Caractéristiques: grand hall d'entrée avec plafond cathédrale, salon, salle à manger, cuisine, salle d'eau, bureau à l'étage principal, 3 chambres et sous-sol avec sortie à l’extérieur. Plafonds de 9 pieds au rez-de-chaussée. Le terrain est magnifiquement aménagé avec des jardins luxuriants. Cette beauté classique est un plaisir à faire visiter. Construite en 1992. Clé en main!


Cette maison va vous enchanter, tellement que vous aurez envie d'y emménager immédiatement.
Elle est nichée sur un très joli lot avec arbres matures et jardins.
Vous pourrez vous détendre sur la véranda panoramique et profiter de la paix et tranquillité.
La maison a été décorée avec goût et en état telle que vous n’avez qu’à emménager.
Lorsque vous entrez dans cette maison accueillante, vous allez adorer la disposition des pièces. Étincelante et impeccable. Le hall d'entrée est vaste et l'escalier menant au deuxième étage est spacieux.
L'étage principal a des plafonds de 9 pieds, planchers de bois franc et terracotta et des moulures.

La cuisine, salle à manger et le salon sont remplis de lumière naturelle. La cuisine à aire ouverte possède amplement d’espace de comptoir, et un îlot de bar à déjeuner.
Le salon avec foyer au bois.
La salle à manger informelle ajoute du charme à vos réceptions.
Grande salle d’eau également située à l'étage principal.
Les doubles portes françaises s'ouvrent sur la grande terrasse arrière nouvellement construite.

 Il ya un bureau à l'étage principal pour la personne qui travaille à la maison. Cette pièce peut être utilisée comme salle familiale.
Il ya 3 chambres à coucher de bonnes dimensions au 2è étage.
La chambre principale avec garde-robes doubles et une salle de bain attenante.

Le sous-sol fini avec salle de jeux, atelier, salle d'eau, salle de lavage et un grand espace de rangement.
Sous-sol éclairé avec sortie à l’extérieur, ce qui est bien pratique.
Le terrain est magnifiquement aménagé avec des jardins luxuriants.

Vous pourrez vous détendre dans la cour sur la terrasse à 2 niveaux avec sièges et pots de jardin intégrés.
Cette maison est à proximité à pied de tout: trains, commerces, pharmacie, centre médical, banques et écoles.
Fosse septique pour maison de 3 chambres à coucher.
Fosse septique nettoyée en mai 2013 et en parfait état.
Nouveaux bardeaux de toiture en mai 2009. 5 474,93 $
Hydro: Mars 2012 - Mars 2013: 1 134,43 $.
Unité de climatisateur mural.
Cette maison de construction de qualité n’attend que vous.

This home is so enchanting, that you’ll want to move right in.
It’s nestled on a very pretty lot which has grand trees and manicured gardens.
You can relax on the front wrap around porch and enjoy what the peace and quiet.
The house has been tastefully decorated and it is in move in condition.
When you enter this inviting home, you will love the layout. It is shining and spotless. The front hall is large and the stairway to the second level is spacious.
The main floor has 9 foot ceilings, hardwood and terra cotta floors and crown mouldings.
The kitchen, dining room and living room is filled with sunshine. This open concept kitchen has ample counter space, and a breakfast bar island.
The living room has a wood burning fireplace.
The informal dining room adds charm to entertaining.
Large powder room is also located on the main floor.
The double French patio doors open onto a newly built large back deck.
There is a main floor office for the person who works at home. This room can be used as a family room.
There are 3 good size bedrooms on the second floor.
The master bedroom has double closets and an ensuite bathroom.
The finished basement has a playroom, workshop, powder room, laundry room and a large storage area.
There is a bright walk out basement which is handy.
The grounds are beautifully landscaped with luscious gardens.
You can relax on the 2 level deck in the backyard which has built in seating and built in garden pots.
This home is walking distance to everything: train, shopping, pharmacy, medi-centre, banks and schools.
Septic system is for a 3 bedroom home.
Septic cleaned in May 2013 & it is in perfect condition.
Roof re-shingled in May 2009. $5,474.93
Hydro: March 2012 - March 2013: $1,134.43.
Wall mounted air conditioning unit.
This quality built home is waiting for you.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

2699 Bourgogne, Saint-Lazare - Vendu!

2699 Bourgogne, Saint-Lazare
Sold in 44 days for 97% of asking price!
Centris no. 27424040

Look no further! This stunning 2 storey home in Chanterel will take your breath away. The grounds are beautifully landscaped with attractive gardens, inground pool, automated sprinkler system and 2 car garage. It offers a convenient main floor office and a bonus room above the garage and finished playroom. A gem!

Ne cherchez pas plus loin! Cette superbe maison de 2 étages dans Chanterel va vous couper le souffle. Le terrain est magnifiquement aménagé avec de beaux jardins, piscine creusée, système d'arrosage automatique et garage 2 voitures. Il y a un bureau pratique à l'étage principal et une pièce boni au-dessus du garage et salle de jeux finie. Un bijou!

This home is impressively gracious as it sits on a beautiful lot in the heart of Chanterel.
When you look out onto the manicured lawn, you can see the stately trees which offer shade. 
The present owners had the house built by quality builder Groupe Immobilier Farand Inc.
This is a beautiful home. It has been tastefully decorated and it is in move in condition.
The main floor has hardwood and ceramic floors and crown mouldings.
There is an office or den for the busy executive who needs an office at home. This room can be used as a formal living room.
The separate dining room is elegant and ideal for formal dining. Entertain in un-crowded comfort in this spacious room.
The living room is generous in size and it is filled with sunshine.  The magnificent gas fireplace is cozy and is the center of cheerful gatherings.
The functional kitchen has ample cupboards and counter space. Adjacent to the kitchen is the dinette which is surrounded by windows overlooking the pretty backyard.
There are 4 bedrooms on the second level. The good size master bedroom offers ample space. It has a walk in closet and a lovely bathroom. The master ensuite bathroom has a separate shower and bath tub.
The fourth bedroom or bonus room is over the garage. This room does not have a closet however it is large in size.
The practical laundry area is on the second floor, close to the bedrooms.
The professionally finished basement has a playroom, work shop area and lots of room for storage.
Enjoy the summer using the beautiful inground pool which is fenced.
The beautifully landscaped grounds have an automated sprinkler system. The deck is ideal for family barbeques or to sit and enjoy the views of the fully landscaped, peaceful backyard.
Turn key!
Septic system is for a 4 bedroom home.
Hydro: Jan 2012 – Jan 2013: $3,262.11
Irrigation sytem: September 2004. $2,335.01
Inground pool: May 2005: $18,700.
Finished basement: April 2010. $21,867.07

Cette maison est impressionnante de façon gracieuse, située sur un magnifique terrain au coeur de Chanterel.
Quand vous regardez vers la pelouse bien entretenue, vous pouvez voir les arbres majestueux offrant de l'ombre.
Les propriétaires actuels ont fait construire la maison par le contracteur de maison de qualité Groupe Immobilier Farand Inc.
Très belle maison. Décorée avec goût vous n’avez qu’à y emménager.
Étage principal avec planchers de  bois franc et céramique ainsi que moulures de plafonds.
Il y a un bureau ou repaire pour les gens d'affaires qui ont besoin d'un bureau à la maison. Cette pièce peut être utilisée comme salon traditionnel.
La salle à manger séparée est élégante et idéale pour repas de grandes occasions. Recevez dans le confort non encombré dans cette pièce spacieuse.
Le salon est de dimensions généreuses et rempli de soleil. Le magnifique foyer au gaz,  propice à l’intimité est le centre de rencontres réjouissantes.
Cuisine fonctionnelle avec beaucoup d’armoires et ample espace de comptoir. Adjacente  à la cuisine est la dinette qui est entourée de fenêtres donnant sur la jolie cour arrière.

Il y a 4 chambres à coucher au deuxième étage.  La chambre des maîtres est de bonne grandeur et offre amplement d'espace. Elle dispose d'une garde-robe « walk-in » et une belle salle de bain attenante. La salle de bain possède une douche et bain séparés.
La quatrième chambre ou pièce boni est au-dessus du garage. Cette chambre ne dispose pas de garde-robe mais elle est d’une grande dimension.
La salle de lavage est pratique au deuxième étage, à proximité des chambres.
Sous-sol fini professionnellement avec une salle de jeux, un coin atelier et beaucoup d'espace de rangement.
Profitez de l'été avec la belle piscine creusée qui est clôturée.
Le magnifique terrain paysager est doté d'un système d'arrosage automatique. La terrasse est idéale pour les barbecues en famille ou pour s'asseoir et profiter de la vue de la cour paisible, entièrement paysagée.
Clé en main!

Fosse septique est pour une maison de 4 chambres.
Hydro: de janvier 2012 à janvier 2013:  3 262,11 $
Système d’irrigation: Septembre 2004 : 2 335,01 $
Piscine creusée: Mai 2005: 18 700 $
Sous-sol fini: Avril 2010 :  21 867,07 $


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Home Equity. Do you know what your home is worth?

The equity in your home is like any other investment. It needs to be monitored. All homeowners should have their equity evaluated once a year. Now may be the perfect time.

La valeur de réalisation réelle de votre propriété est comme tout autre type d’investissement. Il est nécessaire de la contrôler. Tous les propriétaires devraient faire évaluer cet avoir propre une fois l’an. Le moment idéal ne serait-il pas maintenant?

Diane and Paul Laflamme
Royal LePage Village

Hudson, St-Lazare, Montérégie Ouest & Montreal


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Check out page 22 in Your Local Journal

By the way, we’re never too busy for your referrals!

En passant, nous ne sommes jamais trop occupés pour vos references!

Diane & Paul Laflamme
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Living and working (full time) in your area!


Sunday, June 2, 2013