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Friday, February 17, 2012

Searching for a New Style? Look Back to the Future
Retro, short for retrospective, is the trend for 2011. It’s a decorating style that evokes the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and even 80’s.   So if you’re trying to find the next big thing in interior design, look no further than the past!
Retro furniture is all about good wood, such as teak or rosewood, and great design.  Look for simple shapes, such as chairs with smooth, tapering legs, or long, low sideboards with minimal decoration.  It can be found anywhere from chic furniture stores to local thrift stores and yard sales. 
Fabric with geometric shapes and patterns can be used as drapes, table cloths, and cushion covers and they complement the simple furniture designs nicely. For the floor, shag carpeting has made a comeback, but scale it down to area rug size to maintain a balance in design.
Shine a light on your retro motif with throwback lamps.  Lamps with long, narrow, and articulated necks are popular again, as are lamps with multiple bulbs that can be pointed in different directions.  The 60’s lava lamps have made a re-appearance, as well as pendant lights, which come in all shapes, finishes and colours. 
As for accessories, retro is colourful and definitely eye-catching.  For the kitchen, look for melamine dishes, vintage Pyrex in vivid yellow, green or turquoise and ceramic containers with wooden tops.  Consider a sunburst clock in the living room if you have a plain wall begging for attention.
If your style is contemporary, retro is particularly effective.  Pronounce a single wall of your room with a 1950’s or 60’s graphic-print wallpaper, pick a colour from the pattern and co-ordinate fabrics and paint for a contemporary fusion.   Wall graphics or giant stickers, are an alternative to wallpaper – simply chose your pattern, peel them off and be creative! 
Retro is a fun style and is especially effective with just one or two pieces.  As well as creating interest, you’re adding a slice of history to your home.